Get It Right: A Collection Of Peeves * Don't break the basic browser functions (i.e. "back" should return me to a logically previous step, reload shouldn't double-charge my credit card, etc.) * Don't ask me for mandatory information that I can't provide (e.g. I live in a country without postcodes, so making the zip/postcode field mandatory causes me problems) * If I have to go through an interstitial login page, don't make me relocate the page I was originally looking for. * If I fill out a form, and then figure I need to change a selection made near the top, don't unnecessarily erase all my choices. This applies to multi-page forms, too; if I miss a field, or have to recheck part of the form, don't discard the information I've already provided. * Don't make me register just to have a look at the basics of your site. If this is unavoidable, at least provide a screencap video showing me what I'm missing. This applies doubly to apps. * Don't review your own apps and give them five stars with some gormless comment about how it's just what you needed in a $foo app. That's just *sad*. * Don't make me fill out a lenghty form only to tell me I'm ineligible due to location or some other single factor that you could have asked up front ("Are you in the UK? No? Sorry, no service for you.") * Don't lock me into a mobile site just because I'm browsing from a "mobile" device - give me the option of breaking out to the full site. * If I run a command with any of '-?', '-h', '-help', or '--help', print help. If you're going to print a usage message that suggests which of the above variants will work, don't do that, print the damned help instead. * Don't reinvent pull-down lists, etc. unless you've managed to slavishly reproduce all the features of the native ones. In which case, why did you bother? * Pressing 'enter' when putting data into a form should Do The Right Thing - log me in, move to the next field, whatever. * Don't use javascript to skip me to the next input field. What if I make a mistake and need to delete?