This is all just SO derivative.

ranting (and stuff)

Where's the beef?

Clever Code, or I am dumber than my past self.
Ardsallagh House, or These Are The Buildings In Your Neighbourhood.
Email Encryption, or I Know What You Emailed Last Summer.
Corel Linux, or 1998: The Year Linux Takes The Desktop!
Raaar, or "You can't leave that Lion there!"
iCapitulated, or Another Apple Toy
Interconnectedness, or Six Degrees of Separation.
Switch, or My New Computer.
Web EUW AIE, or I don't care if you know Javascript.
Lock hard!, or Adventures in Parking.
Ooooops, or I love the smell of coffee in the keyboard.
Superburst Reviews, or I'm no Lester Bangs.
Concordance, or Random Things At Work.
Ruby Sessions Review, or Taking a bee for a walk.
F1 Drinking Game, or Who cares what lap he's on?
règles de film, or More skin on HBO!
BOFH, or Log out already.
zhishi, or Just as well it's not tattooed on my arse.
flying 101, or 1500 feet and 80 knots
hot cuisine, or Before I Learned To Cook
cheers!, or Here's to the Gride and Broom!
short definition, or Any friend of vi is a friend of mine.
forgotten war, or What's this cronjob doing, anyway?
restrictive practices, or YOU are the criminal
software LART, or investigative sysadmin work.
ring ring, or 21 things to do with your cellphone
infamy, or you can't get away with anything in this town.
object disoriented, or I really don't like this language.
faulty reasoning, or "it made sense at the time."
mane, or "get a haircut, you damned hippy!"
sorry, or why engineers and customers don't mix.
snippets, or fragments of conversations past.
stamp collecting, or The Book of Destinations.
suicidal, or I don't take my own advice.
cyclical, or staying alive on two wheels.
reboot! reboot! ok!, or the pain of an NT-based firewall.
legalese, or why you can't link to some pages.
spooked, or things that go "ARGH" in the night.
philistine!, or my music vs. your music.
goldfish, or surprising yourself with your own jokes.
dream machine, or what's not on my computer yet.
LILO, or how to get more than Linux on your machine.
toys, or why you can't navigate my apartment in the dark.
college constructions, or alternatives to study #1.
broken BSD box, or security for dummies.
crunch, or why I don't play much sport.
presto!, or the evolution of unreadable lisp.
freedom!, or software meets agriculture.
"click here to crash", or a more appropriate look for Win32
regexp, or my favourite Perl hack.
pick me, or succumbing to temptation.
parse error, or I wrote it that way deliberately.
a world of hurt, or an afternoon with Bob.
insanely silly, or "you'll find it on the web"
elacks, or why I know some lisp


Ireland. Nice place to live, but the weather needs debugging

Iceland '06, or A Drinking Holiday
Seattle '06, or A Working Holiday
Morecambe '04, or It's Grim Up North
Europe '02, or Waider On Tour.
Québec '01, or meeting Bonhomme
San Francisco '00, or a tour from San Jose to Eureka.
Honduras '99, or an exercise in not planning.
Japan '98, or "after four years, you're only staying a week?!"
Central America '97/'98, or the hard way to learn Spanish
Boston '97, or a simple way to have a REAL holiday
Boston '96, or Paddy's Day in the 33rd County
America '95, or 6,000 miles for a weekend party
Dublin '94, or avoiding Gaelcon

Waider Accept that some days you're the pigeon,
and some days you're the statue.