Mud Your Emacs!

Version 2.6 released March 3 1999

Releases are infrequent, usually whenever I get sufficiently bored with the other stuff I'm playing with, sufficiently embarrassed about not having released something, or when the wind's blowing in the right direction.

The Source

Click over there -> to download mud.el. There's also a development version of the mud code here, but it's got more bugs in it than is useful, and I won't listen to any complaints about it.

The Hype

This page hosts a mud client written in elisp which is designed to talk to Tom Boutell's PerlMUD. Although originally a solitary gneework of Waider Destructions, Inc., the latest releases contain some significant contributions from Dfan.

Here's the mud.el I used use, more or less.


There's not much point in writing a new mud client unless it's got something going for it, right? Well, this client has the following:

Coming as soon as I get around to coding it: (or rather, releasing what I've coded)


I originally wrote this under FSF emacs-19.3[46], mostly on a Win95 box. It should run under any FSF emacs-19.3[46] regardless of platform; the only thing liable to cause any trouble is the log filename, which you can patch around if necessary. I've used convert-standard-filename but it's not always implemented to actually do the job for your platform. Still, NT/Emacs finally has an implementation.

I digress. Apparently mud.el will run under some earlier versions of emacs, but with some problems like broken hooks. I've started adding in some support for this sort of thing, and I've finally got an aged emacs running that I can do fixups under. To add to the fun, it's running on a Macintosh, so I get to be cross-platform as well. Corprew was running it under XEmacs, but I don't know if he still is. I use XEmacs infrequently myself.

I've also run it on emacs-20.3+ on a Linux box with no problems, and 20.something on Win95 with some minor stupidity related to multibyte characters, but nothing fatal. I've a fix for the latter in the development version of the mud code.

Server-side, this has been designed to talk to Tom's PerlMUD, but it doesn't use a whole lot of stuff specific to PerlMUD that I'm aware of. It'll probably work after a fashion on stuff like TinyMUD, I imagine, but since PerlMUD is the only thing I log on to...


I maintain a list of people who use the mud code, so I can let them know when a new version has been released. Nothing so smart as a mailing list. Email me if you want to be added, or if you've patched something, or if you want a new feature added. I'm very malleable with respect to features. Actually, I'm very malleable - it comes from not having a decent exoskeleton. Failings of the species, I guess.

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