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December 2
So, er, that's it for season one of The Peripheral, is it? I was trying to figure out how they'd wind down to a finale and the answer appears to be "let's set up Season 2" which is, quote, actively in production, although we'll see if that survives the current economic climate. It's been quite enjoyable, even though it's departed fairly dramatically from the source material at this point; it's still roughly in the spirit of the source, at least, which is what you want from an adaptation. And the production is excellent. Ah well, just in time for the second season of Slough House to kick off...

We're still watching Vikings: into the final season at this point, and approaching the mid-season finale. Enjoying it, still, but it also feels a bit like they ran out of ideas so I'm gonna assume there will be a couple more heroic battles shot in the artistic style of whoever's directing, someone will eventually give Ivar what he's deserved for many episodes, Harald will fall from a great height on his head due to his own stupidity, etc.

I've been tinkering with using AWS SSM to manage "on-prem" hardware, i.e. a crusty old macOS machine and a Raspberry Pi, and I gotta say trying to debug failed Run Commands is a bit of an adventure. I've currently taken to cloning the official commands, patching them locally, and inspecting the results of the scheduled runs to figure out what's going on.

December 1
macOS Ventura: it's crashing less. It's still crashing, and the problem still smells like something going awry with Thunderbolt, and the fact that it's segfaulting seems... problematic to say the least, but in any case I'm struggling on while I wait for a 13.0.2 release.

Vikings: tonight's episode killed off the longest-running cast member. Oh well. Sorry to see her go but I guess the, ah, Gods had decided it from the outset.

Having an odd but irritatingly familiar ZWave issue at the moment, whereby a TRV is reporting its current temperature, but nothing else. It should have readouts for valve open percentage, battery level, and a few other things, but no, I'm getting temperatures and that's it. Which is annoying because I'm trying to understand its current behaviour and this isn't helping.

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