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A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

September 21
So of course now that I'm monitoring it, the Virgin box hasn't rebooted in a whole week. I'm beginning to suspect thermal failure; poking around the wholly undocumented API has uncovered a thermal readout from two points in the system (in god knows what units, since neither C nor F seems to fit) so maybe throwing that on a graph along with log messages and reboots might be interesting.

Mere hours after I'd made this observation, of course, the modem rebooted. "yay".

September 16
We are enjoying Elementary. Sure, it's got its problems, but it's fine.

My continued frustration with Virgin Media led me to spend an evening hacking together a scraper for the web UI. It doesn't yet do anything useful like posting the output to CloudWatch, but I can at least see that the modem rebooted ("due to power reset") seven times in a ~48-hour period this past week. Also the logging is weird: the reboots are recorded, but the most recent log message since a reboot seems to be in a circular buffer of length 1, i.e. you only get the most recent one.

September 5
Voracious TV habits continue... just watched episode 1 of Elementary which ... wasn't terrible. I mean, obviously some TV exec in the US looked at Sherlock and figured, "what if that, but in America, and the sidekick is a woman? And of course I can see in the Pilot they're already trying to set up romantic tension, make Holmes less of an insufferable tosser, etc. but still ... not terrible. We'll give it a spin (Amazon Prime currently has all 7 seasons, so I imagine if we stick with it we'll see its inevitable decline as they rehash old plot lines (well, what else can you do when the source material is effectively static?), play the game of will-they-won't-they, write out characters whose actors have decided they've had enough, etc. etc.)

You can tell I have high hopes for this, can't you.

September 2
The Night Manager: that's a wrap. The denoument was pretty clever, in the end. We really enjoyed this despite my minor issues with the casting. (also I mentioned the possibility of Daniel Craig making a decent Dicky Roper; IMDb trivia tells me Tom Hiddleston was apparently tipped for Bond at one point. Definitely can't see that.) (also also Tom Hollander isn't really a short guy, he's just constantly surrounded in this show by hulking giants. Like, giraffe people. Seriously.) (ok, he's a bit short. I'm taller than him, for instance.)

Surprised by git, again: working in the waider branch, unpushed changes in a different branch, checked my upstream was set correctly, git push, watch in horror as it pushed both my intended branch and the different branch. Thanks, that'll do nicely.

(My office setup doesn't work like this. My config is minimal, but apparently the fault is that I have default = matching in the [push] section. So I don't have that any more.)

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