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August 9
I've been intermittently annoyed by a timezone-offset bug in OpenHAB which started when I was moving stuff from the old Mac Mini to the ... less-old ... Mac Mini. After much poking about I figured I'd ask the community; two people tried to help but I eventually figured it out myself. The short version is "EVERYONE STOP TRYING TO DO ANYTHNG WITH TIMEZONES EVER". The slightly longer version, well, yeah. You can read the link. The significantly annoying part of this right now is that while it's fixed, I'm still unclear on what actually triggered it since all the relevant configuration files were copied exactly from one Mac to the other, and this behaviour should definitely have been occurring on the old system.

(Not mentioned in the community post, but if MySQL didn't try to do its own thing with timezones this wouldn't have been a problem; I'm not clear on why, when presented with a system timezone of "Europe/Dublin" it renders it internally as "IST" (well, at this time of the year) instead of preserving the unambiguous timezone name. I'm equally unclear on why it wants me to maintain a timezone database when it's got access to a perfectly good system-level instance of same which the MySQL people have already built a parser / convertor for. Bottom line: run your database in UTC and avoid all this hassle, I guess.)

August 6
Not yet found: the Logitech Webcam I'd picked up for... a catcam, if I recall correctly. I have a vague idea where it might be, though.

August 4
Spare keys for the house have been missing for an indeterminate period of time (because of COVID we've basically had no visitors since we moved back in December other than The Brother, and normally the only way the keys go temporarily AWOL is by being given to visitors) and now we have a new puzzle: how the hell did they get where we found them this evening? I suspect it's one we'll never solve.

Also found: my OpenHAB-connected remote controlled power socket.

August 1
Filled in the gaps on ST:TNG season 3, so now:
Season 192%
Season 2100%
Season 3100%
Season 485%
Season 573%
Season 63.8%
Season 70.0%

Pick started season 6 at episode 2, or the DVR failed to record due to the constant faffing with the schedule. Either way, S5E26 and S6E1 are a pair so probably as well that we wound up with neither of them. So now we wait for Horror Channel (!) to work its way around to the bits of Seasons 4 & 5 while Pick does... whatever it does with Seasons 6 & 7. Oh, and there's a Heisenberg season of Endeavour coming up: the DVR's TV guide says season 7 starts on ITV3 on Monday, the online guide says it's a rerun of season 6.

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