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A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

December 2
In an attempt to remedy the backup situation, I'm switching the backup drive to a slightly beefier machine (for handwaving reasons it needs to be a network share, not directly connected). That means it's basically spent the last 11 hours verifying the drive, and there's no progress bar to hint at when it might be done. Tum-ti-tum.

December 1
I have established a pattern of backup failure that goes like this:

So, the thing about this is that each time around the loop, the probability of failure increases because there's more data to back up (unless the machine you're backing up is entirely unused, and even then it's still generating some level of churn on the disk from time to time). I appear to have hit a tipping point on this where I can't rely on the backup drive to be reliably available for long enough to complete the backup.

I am so glad I have Arq as an offsite backup while I'm trying to figure this mess out.

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