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A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

October 7
Well, that was neat. "I think I'll upgrade my RDS database to the latest version of MySQL." *click* *click* *wait* TA-DA. Smooth.

October 4
I should've mentioned: if you have an account on DSPsrv.com, I've disabled all password logins - this includes email. Reason being that you probably have a cached copy of your inbox from before the server disappeared, and the server no longer has that data, so when you next successfully log in you lose anything that was in that inbox. Permanently. So, if this is your situation, please make a backup of your cached copy - whatever way that works in your chosen mailreader - and then ping me to get your password re-enabled.

October 2
And hurrah, DSPsrv.com is finally back on the Intarwebs.

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