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A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

September 13
This thing where iCloud/iCal/iWhatever randomly signs me up to a holiday calendar for a country I'm not in is getting tiresome. Cut it out, Apple.

September 10
...and happy birthday, nephew!

September 5
Captain America: The Winter Soldier wasn't quite as good as Avengers Assemble, and it does seem a little odd to put together a world-threatening conspiracy that the Avengers aren't around to handle (yes yes I saw the "explanation" for this), but it was still a bit of fun. Bad points: clunky dialogue trying to expound on the virtues of state-sponsored violence vs. FREEDOM™ (now supersized with free milkshake and extra fries). Good points: stuff exploding, enough witty dialogue to entertain without going overboard into Arnie/Bruce territory, a reasonable balance of good guys vs. bad guys, and the general pace of the whole thing. Having two "stingers" (is that what we call them? I don't really know) in the credits was mildly annoying; I'd certainly have been peeved if I'd gone to see it at the cinema and didn't see these little promos for the next movie. I don't much care to sit through pages and pages of credits for these. Anyway. Bottom line is that this movie is about what you'd expect from the Avengers franchise. If that's your thing, this is also your thing.

September 1
Happy Birthday, broey!

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It's that month where I forget my brother's birthday again.