Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

December 12
Office Christmas Party, in which we now have enough staff to occupy the same space as was occupied by the queue for Mrs. Waider's citizenship ceremony (although less tightly packed, admittedly).

December 6
The Great Gatsby was an absolute blast. I read this years ago, and the only thing I could vaguely recall about it was a car crash, so it was nice to see that at least I'd been correct about there being one, even if I couldn't recall any other details. As you might expect from Baz Luhrmann, there's some nice mixing of period and contemporary, and the whole thing is a riot of pretty scenery and beautiful cinematography. Never mind that it's also an enjoyable movie as well. Well worth seeing.

December 5
It would appear that the initial release of Yosemite is, in fact, full of leaks. I just now killed of usbmuxd because it had eaten all available network sockets; I've also noted various other things disappearing (most significantly, things that should be handled by dns-sd/bonjour/zeroconf/whatever we're calling it this week) in a way that suggests, whoops, no more resources to do the thing I wanted to do, because I lost track of the fact that I alreadt consumed said resources. Hopefully there's a patch release in the works now that they've had a few thousand, hundred thousand, million, whatever beta testers kick the tires on this thing.

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