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January 12
Rewatched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, since Mrs. hadn't seen it and I recently re-read the book. It's well-made, but I'm thinking Peter Guillam's live-in lover was a bit extraneous given the original story already had its implied other relationships that would have fit the bill, so to speak; that aside, it sticks pretty closely to the book, including making it difficult to figure out who the spy is until late in the game - and of course when it comes to it, they make a meal of the reveal. Good movie, worth a look, although oddly the first time I watched it I was terribly disappointed with it. I'd like to see the Alec Guinness version, mind you.

Actually, rereading my original comments on this I'm not sure why I was quite so put off by the movie. Certainly I'd made the same observation about Guillam, but I think the other things I disliked about it are actually things that make it a deeper, more engaging movie. (as opposed to the usual fluff I watch)

January 11
...and then there's a NEW urgent Mac exploit to patch. Apple, what's going on?

Reducing contact time for my collection of z-wave TRVs from 5 minutes to 15 minutes appears to be having a suitably impressive impact on battery lifetime.

January 09
All Macs patched and rebooted.

January 07
Celebrating the last day of my Christmas holidays by coming down with a cold. Feh.

January 06
Non-obvious learning of the day: if you have a password policy in pwSafe, and you select the last checkbox - generate pronouncable passwords - the only part of the policy that's actually observed is the password length. The response I got to a support request about this suggests that a fix may be in the works. (pwSafe is a password manager for iOS and macOS).

January 05
Password-changing spree: Google sent me a notification that my password had changed. To my gmail address. Which gmail filed as Junk. NICE JOB, GOOGLE.

I now have no passwords older than 1600 days (a bit over 4 years) except for the ones I couldn't change. I'm also deleting accounts where relevant, and scrubbing passwords out of Safari entirely since I read about sites sniffing your ID by generating hidden login fields.

How come noone told me I can link my DublinBikes account to my Leap card? (to be fair, I'm not subscribed to newsletters from either, so how else would I find this out other than by realising that my DublinBikes password is in the Must Change list?)

The Limehouse Golem is a nice little Victorian whodunnit, albeit a bit overcooked on the gore in places, and the coda is ... odd. I figured out (ish) whodunnit a little bit before the reveal, but that was close to the end of the movie. Well worth a look.

January 04
Scanning in a bunch of photographs and prints for the aforementioned genealogy backlog. I'd been using a network-connected scanner to scan previously, but because of the volume of stuff I need to go through I plugged the scanner straight into the laptop. I'd forgotten that the macOS Image Capture app had a bunch of nice features including "scan everything on this page, but as individual items saved to separate files".

January 03
Safe was on satellite, so I recorded it and watched it. Best described as "Jason Statham needs to pay the bills".

January 01
Happy New Year, etc.

December 31
Wrapping up 2017: Avengers: Age of Ultron was a bit like, uh, I've forgotten which other Avengers movie, in as much as it felt like a stepping stone rather than a movie in its own right. Nothing wrong with it, really, just that it didn't feel like it could stand on its own.

Terminator: Genisys was actually a better movie on that scale; sure, there are some nice visual callouts to the previous movies but this one can stand on its own and works pretty well for that.

Both movies suffer a little bit from the Superman/Matrix problem: you keep making the bad guys stronger, but you have to match them with the good guys, because everyone knows the good guys are going to win, and in the end it's just a bunch of really, really epic punch-up sequences.

In other media: managed to reach my GoodReads target of 100 books, which was stupidly ambitious and I'm somewhat surprised I reached it. Last book on the list was John le Carré's The Pigeon Tunnel, which is actually poorer than his fiction because, I guess, life doesn't always make for neat little bow-tied stories in the same way as fiction.