I used hack elisp. In general, the idea was to get as much of my working environment as possible in one place so I didn't have to keep switching around between apps/keymaps/etc. Lest you doubt me, my standard working environment, spread over six virtual desktops, was one copy of Emacs running VM, BBDB and gnuserv (and sometimes Gnus); one copy of Netscape, and a whole mess of XTerms and multi-frame Emacs sessions for everything else. Most of the hacks I've done are small-fry since Emacs generally does most of what I want already (although have a peek at the Emacs rant in the "hairballs" section!). However, I've also made some bigger hacks, like my once-glorious coding-standards assistant and my mud client. There follows some fun Emacs hackery that I have either picked up along the way or learned myself.

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