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May 11
This came to my attention recently: Preliminary NTS Phase 3 Report for East Wall. I can't find the final version of the report, nor does the preliminary report appear on DCC's website, but it was linked to from a number of places and the above is a copy hosted on one of a local politician's website. I gotta say, I'm no traffic engineer, and maybe I'm biased because I live in the area, but the assessment of parking seems superficial at best. This one stood out:
Another observation was vehicles parked in a manner that blocks a resident’s driveway. It is likely that the drivers of these vehicles had consent of the homeowners to park at these locations as DCC Parking Enforcement received no complaints regarding this issue.
We constantly have people blocking our driveway without our consent; lessened somewhat by COVID, but never quite gone away. But we've never contacted DCC Parking Enforcement about it, because (aside from the fact that there was no parking enforcement officer for much of the time we've lived here) what are they actually going to do about it? Typically cars park here long enough to be a nuisance, but rarely long enough that you'd, say, ticket them or tow them if you were to factor in the inexplicable 30-minute grace period you get for illegal parking and the time it'd take for someone to actually get here and observe and so on. And I suspect I'm not alone in this attitude: I've reported illegal parking in the area maybe once in the past, and nothing was done about it then, and I can't say I expect anything to have changed in that respect because it's simply not a priority.

There's also this gem:
[I]t was observed that a number of vehicles were parked in an illegal manner on footpaths. At the times of assessment the impact of this issue to pedestrian accessibility was considered minor as drivers left sufficient footpath space for a wheelchair/pram to pass.
So, (a), that's a pile of crap. The cul-de-sac at Bargy Road, for example, is perpetually rammed so full of cars on the pavement that the only way to walk through it is in the middle of the road (one of the frequent offenders here is a DCC van, too); the pavement in front of Londis is often impassible to pedestrians because drivers thoughtfully don't want to block other cars from passing when they're stopped on the double-yellow lines, and good luck to you if you want to use any pavement around G.K. Hire during business hours. And (b), I'm sure we're all familiar with that bit in the Road Traffic Act and the byelaws where it says it's ok to park on the pavement as long as there's "sufficient footpath space for a wheelchair/pram to pass". Oh wait, there isn't one. Parking on the pavement is illegal, end of. If the attitude is that there's enough pavement to share between cars and pedestrians, why not narrow the pavement and make proper parking spaces? (also, the above doesn't account for two wheelchair/pram users meeting each other in the middle of a "tunnel" of cars, because there's never just one).

The irony of all of the above is that none of it actually includes our gaff, since we face onto East Wall Road and are therefore excluded from the whole thing.

Oh yeah. We're still watching The Expanse; the end of season one was kinda, "wait, was that the finale?", and now we're into Season 2. Don't like Amos. Don't like Christjen. Like Miller, like Holden, like Naomi, kinda like Alex, indifferent to pretty much everyone else on the show. The worldbuilding is pretty awesome, and I'm probably gonna pick up at least the first book once we've watched a bit more of the series.

May 7
I half-watched Drive Angry. Whatever Nic Cage says about his actual motivation for being in this, it really comes across as a pay-the-bills job. Which was something that apparently William Fichtner and David Morse and a few other names I recognised also needed to do. Skip.

May 2
Fixed a long-standing bug in the Emacs code I use to write this stuff. It's still buggy, just marginally less so now.

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