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September 19
Just to note that on this day in 2005 I stood outside the closed door of an office in Roe Lane wondering what to do next, because noone had told me I needed to bang on the door to be admitted. Shortly afterwards - once I'd gotten inside - Ted handed me a Post-It note with some random characters on it and said, "this is your password. I'm sure you can guess your username."

September 13
Really enjoyed Tolkien which for some inexplicable reason seems to have had a mediocre critical receiption. It's funny, poignant, and well shot; it has drama and character development and what not. I guess there are no exploding helicopters or spandex-clad heroes so maybe that's why it's not scoring higher. I think you should see it.

September 6
Despite having read the book, I couldn't remember the slightest plot element from The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. It's an excellent movie despite its age, and the plot is actually rather good. Also it's funny seeing 1965 Dublin standing in for Berlin and parts of London (why they used St. Stephen's Green instead of, say, Hyde Park is probably a matter of logistics, but it was pretty funny seeing the familiar pond & island in what was supposed to be a London park.)

(now I look it up online and find references that say it's Battersea Park. I'm not convinced.)

September 2
Finished reading Catch-22. Erm. I think the idea's good but the execution is questionable. There were whole sections I sped-read through because frankly I couldn't be bothered.

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