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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

June 21
The Accountant: aside from a bit of preaching to the camera, actually a pretty good movie, although I'm not sure "People with Autism can be Relentless Killers too!" is the sort of positive and uplifting message autism support groups would go for. Oddly enough, I saw the "final" twist coming well in advance, but didn't expect the twist before it (I was expecting a character to have met a tragic end somehow). Anyway, yes, worth watching.

June 14
I think I may have watched Unforgiven with Dad many years ago, but it's certainly been long enough ago that I'd pretty much forgotten most of the story and confused it a little with some other western where coffins wind up on the sidewalk. Anyway. It's actually slightly comedic before it gets very much not so, with Clint Eastwood almost hamming up the "Old Cowboy tries to get it together for one last gig" routine along with Morgan Freeman. It's a good movie; a little grim, a little predictable, but good nonetheless.

June 8
Wrapped up Good Omens tonight. A few things didn't make the screen, and I felt like the balance of events in the last two was a little off (basically, if your TV series is about Armageddon, it's a bit weird to have half an episode or more about what happened after Armageddon didn't) but I don't want to suggest I didn't enjoy it. A lovely piece of work, fantastic performances all round, and I think I want to have another run through the book now (probably my fourth or fifth read of it!)

June 7
After some investigation I have concluded that my GoPro camera creates files which its own built-in webserver will not deliver to a client in their entirety - the connection closes at the 2GB boundary, while the files may run somewhere past that. Tsk. (You can retrieve the rest using HTTP's Range header.)

Arrival was stonkingly good, the more so because I'd absolutely no idea what to expect so - as I presume was intended - I spent a good deal of effort trying to figure out what was going on and gradually recognising that clues had been left along the way. It's a slow movie, and nothing explodes (well, mostly) and you're probably gonna have to actually engage your brain for it, but it's definitely one to see.

June 2
Finished Season 5 of Bosch which was really good except for the very obvious hooks for Season 6, and the whole Bosch/Chief confrontation where you're wondering if Bosch didn't just copy the file he brought with him, and if not why not.

Also now working our way through Good Omens which is basically perfect, and I do like the speculation that you could've swapped Tennant and Sheen's roles without difficulty (i.e. Tennant playing Aziraphele and Sheen playing Crowley). I think Sir Terry would've been very happy with how this has turned out.

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