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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

July 29
Took a spin down to Wexford for the weekend. Wells House and Gardens, Whitford House Hotel, Johnstown Castle and a little bit of randomly driving around to see where we wound up (a few places where the GPS was metaphorically scratching its head...) I'd recommend all of the above.

July 22
We just started watching Rebus only to discover that Virgin have dropped Alibi, so (a) one of the episodes was cut off half-way through, and (b) there will not be more episodes. GAH.

July 21
Black Panther was pretty good, but I did feel like the climactic fight between the protagonists was a bit underwhelming.

July 17
Took me almost a month because I was checking for records I wanted to keep, but my MapMyRun account is now empty and deleted. Of course, I got spam from them the day I was finishing this cleanup.

July 16
Another hiatus. Sunshine: been and gone, more or less. Illness: also been and gone, more or less. Nothing of note watched, as far as I can recall - oh, wait, we watched Men in Black III which our DVR had, for some reason, recorded in two chunks with a few minutes missing between them. I'd seen this before, Mrs. hadn't. It's a fun movie, doesn't do a huge amount that the previous ones didn't already cover to some extent, but still enjoyable for all that.

Currently trying to coerce Django and OpenHAB to play nice with each other - specifically, getting Django to deal with OpenHAB's frankly terrible persistence model. This requires either defining all your persistence classes up front, which means they're out of date if you ever change any of your OpenHAB setup, or defining them on the fly, which requires doing things that I'm pretty sure Django isn't meant to do and I so far haven't managed to do successfully. Once you've gotten past that, looking things up may involve use of eval() which is just... ick.

July 3
Hmm, haven't updated this in a bit... we're melting with the heat, the cats are panned out wherever, the plants are alternately thriving and dying, etc. We're digging into Season 9 of The X-Files, but mostly not actually bothering with the gogglebox because, you know, heatwave.

Oh, somewhere in there we watched Darkest Hour which I think despite some of the protestations to the contrary actually does relatively ok on factual accuracy (I find myself wondering if any of the critics of the accuracy are in fact just miffed that they didn't get picked as the historical consultant) and I think, from what I've seen of archive footage and what not, that Gary Oldman absolutely nailed the performance. And yeah, there are bits that the filmmakers readily admit are pure fiction (such as the Underground scene) but have sufficient basis in fact that I'm inclined to shrug and say, "meh". It is kinda odd to go from visceral movies like Saving Private Ryan to this sort of abstract world where the war is happening to other people at the end of a telegraph; I'm not sure if that was an intentional theme in the movie, or if it was just a budget issue, or a "story focus" issue, but it's something you can't help but notice - petty political bickering and jockeying for place in Whitehall while people are dying on the front line. Anyway. Good movie, worth a look.

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