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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

August 11
I continue to be amazed at the awfulness of the made-over Vodafone site. This morning I discovered that they have a section on the data they hold on me; when I clicked the button to request said data, it said "Error making request" and that's it. Then I went over to their store-finder page, and it's a list of pop-open sections, unsorted, with Dublin listed by postcode and a "search filter" which just limits the number of pop-open sections shown to you (and, incidentally, closes any you had open) with matches anchored at the start of the search word so "Dublin" doesn't match "Co Dublin" (which should be "Co. Dublin", strictly speaking). And it lists at least one store in a shopping centre that's currently closed.

And they're still not doing online upgrades.

We launched into Bosch Season 4 recently and it's pretty compelling. The Mrs. Bosch event was surprisingly swiftly dispatched, but at least it wasn't as nonsensical as the book version.

August 5
Fiddling around with linear gradients to do a progress bar in HTML (something like background: linear-gradient(to right, green x%, red 100-x%), and getting decidedly odd results (Safari on MacOS): identical code with slight variations in the percentage gives me either a crisp progress bar look, or a smooth green/red gradient. Swapping from percentages to px doesn't seem to help, either - it's like some values Just Don't Work.

(I realise I'm totally abusing the intent of the linear gradient here, but hey)

Ok, so some experimentation shows that for values < 50%, I get the gradient rather than the clean cut... leading to a fix: if the left-hand percentage is below 50, swap the gradient around so it fills to the left instead of the right, and swap the colours so the first one is now the value > 50%. Crazy, but it works.

Well, that was disappointing. Having gotten to the end of X-Files "Classic" - the last episode of Season 9 - we figured we'd watch the second movie (X-Files: I Want To Believe) and see if it tied up any loose ends (supersoldiers, alien invasion, etc.) But no, it's basically a feature-length monster of the week episode. Gah.

August 1
We just watched The X-Files Season 9: Jump the Shark which is quite possibly the worst episode ever. I'm not even sure if it was meant to be a joke, but if it was, it failed..

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