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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

October 7
Dinner and a show! How novel!

Dinner was at the recently-opened Eddie Rockets branch at Point Village; there's another restaurant beside it advertising that it's opening in October, but it looks a little ... static so I wonder about that. In any case, I think I first visited a Rocket's in 1992 and I've been back periodically in the interim without ever having a bad experience. It's not haute cuisine, but they do what they do well. The only slight niggle was that the music was (ha ha, old man Waider) a bit on the loud side. As in, "let's shout across the table at each other to converse" volume. Hopefully they'll sort that out because I'll happily go back. As it was we chose to decamp to the nearby Costa for post-dinner coffee and chocolate.

From there, Blade Runner 2049 in the iSense screen at Odeon Point Village. I don't think I've been in the iSense screen before, and it was totally the right thing for this movie. First take: incredibly good movie. It's beautifully filmed, it respects the original without cannibalising it in the way that The Force Awakens did to A New Hope (and hey, I liked TFA!) and the cast does a stellar job of conveying the whole thing. Yes, it's not perfect: for some reason the design team felt that Las Vegas wasn't gaudy enough as-was, and what it was really missing was a bunch of giant statues of naked women; likewise, there were bits of gratuituous titilation elsewhere in the movie that could have as easily been omitted with no loss to the atmosphere or plot. Then the music: for the most part, it worked, and it echoed Vangelis' original, but there were a few spots where it was hard to tell whether Sudden Loud Noise was the foley or Hans Zimmer dropping an anvil on a stack of Korg equipment. And I'm still turning one tiny plot point over in my mind with dissatisfaction (basically the whole bit with K/Joe being lo-jacked) but for a movie of this scale I think that's a pretty short list. Given that I'd skipped almost all the pre-movie faff (I watched the two trailers, and that was it), I'm gonna go back now and watch the mini-features and wait for the inevitable taking of sides over whether it's a worthy sequel or some sort of huge mistake driven by a desire to strip us rubes of our cash.

October 4
Errrrr... (BBC, as ever)
2017-10-03 23:12:02America's gun culture in eight charts
2017-10-03 23:12:02America's gun culture in seven charts
2017-10-03 23:12:02America's gun culture in nine charts
2017-10-04 18:15:45America's gun culture in 10 charts
(timestamps are BBC's; actual timestamps are more like 2am, 6am, 5pm and 6pm on October 4th)

October 2
My upgrade to "High Sierra" seems to have been fairly straightforward, although I notice ClamAV crashed on startup. About the only thing I've checked so far is if they've upgraded the version of OpenSSL, and yes, they have, so now my various SSL-scraping Perl and python scripts are once more functional.

Oh, and I need to figure out what types of keys MacOS (macOS, whatever) allows by default because I keep having to fix the client-side "can't use that key" setting every time I upgrade.

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