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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

January 28
Attempting to back up my workphone (an old Nokia, almost exclusively used as a pager): installed Nokia Suite on a Windows 10 machine, then plugged in the phone. It prompted me to accept all software install requests on the phone. I looked at the phone, and there was indeed a prompt to install software. "OK", I said. Whereupon it said, "Expired certificate" and the install failed. Nicely done, Microsoft/Nokia, nicely done.

January 23
Finally after much shuffling of things and paranoia and what not I've migrated waider.ie from an "EC2 Classic" t1.micro instance to VPC-contained t2.micro. Backups made, etc. because I'm still convinced there's something I've forgotten, even though the t2 has been running all the waider.ie stuff for the last couple of weeks.

January 22
So, end of Sherlock season for this year and possibly from the close of the episode, for good. It was certainly a gripping episode, but I thought the denoument weak and, well, confused.

Endeavour continues to kick ass. Only one of those left for this year, though. What's going on with the tarot cards?

January 15
Once again mocking BBC News: the entrumpenation is happening tomorrow, and what's on their collective mind?


2017-01-19 10:05:02 Why are we running out of courgettes?
2017-01-19 13:35:02 Why are we running out of courgettes?
2017-01-19 17:05:02 Trouble finding a courgette? Here's why
2017-01-19 10:35:02 #courgettecrisis

Yes, four updates over the course of the day because "bad weather in Europe" (their exact quote; I guess, uhhhh, Britain not being in Europe accounts for that?) is affecting multiple vegetables, but for some reason the courgette is the one Auntie Beeb cares about.

(actually it turns out it's three updates and one completely separate article about the same thing which at 11:35 was updated to "Remeber these?").

This concludes the BBC Snark for today. Thank you.

January 14
Jason Bourne: well, Matt Damon looked like he was trying to do Joey Tribiani's "divide two numbers" thing throughout, and Vincent Cassel looked like he smelt something bad throughout, and there was no real character development, and I didn't much care when $character died, and really, this wasn't a great movie, but it did pass relatively painlessly. It was a bit of fun, but didn't hold up to much post-movie thinking.

January 10
New season of Sherlock: I'm not terrifically keen on the long episodes as it feels like the writers don't quite know how to fill the time, and definitely the end of the second episode was deeply silly after an absolute cracker of a show, but I'm still going to see how it works out next weekend.

January 8
New season of Endeavour: rather good.

January 6
Gross stupidity for the day: using Python's Tkinter to emulate enough of Pythonista's UI code to allow me to run a Python app I wrote on my phone on my desktop.

Yes, I wrote a Python


on my


January 1
Happy New Year from my all-seeing RSS reader:
2016-12-24 11:47:33New 'Ring of Steel' planned for London Square Mile
2017-01-01 08:55:51New year fireworks 'show London is open'
(BBC News, natch)
I had another one of these to post, but I've forgotten what it was. I think it may have fitted the category of "life comes at you fast" that's so popular over on the Twitters.

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