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August 13
Watching the Waterford/Cork hurling semifinal. Funny to watch these guys shrugging off the sort of physical tackle that'd have a Premier League coach calling for a stretcher, and smaller things like playing the sideline cut from the point the linesman marks, not ten meters closer to the opposition's goal.

August 12
Eye in the Sky is an interesting movie in that the basic premise is of fairly limited scope to base a 100-minute movie on. Once the setup is gotten out of the way, it's basically that whole "lives of the few/lives of the many" scenario, and to be honest I don't think it really manages to pull it off. Which is a shame, because there's an excellent cast (including Alan Rickman in his final role); ultimately I found myself waiting to see which option the filmmakers would go for - hard-ass "collateral dammage is inevitable" or something more "every life counts", rather than being particularly engaged with how they got there.

August 9
Bought a YubiKey, somewhat as a thing to play with and somewhat as a thing I might actually use. First problem: can't use it to lock my password safe if I expect to use my password safe on iOS, since Yubi don't play there.

Second problem: configuring my screensaver to require at least one of password, YubiKey, but not both. I've managed to get it to allow you to fail the password but succeed with the YubiKey challenge, so far; also, if you use the YubiKey, the keychain is still locked. Being cautious about this so I don't accidentally lock myself out of my laptop!

Broken emacs turned out to be an unescaped "<" which for some reason caused the search page to return a 404.

August 4
And here we are in August already. Where has the year gone?

Thor: The Dark World was a perfectly servicable movie but at the same time pretty forgettable - it feels like the middle book in a long series that just serves to advance a few plot lines or hit a few beats without being anything in and of itself. I don't think it was quite as bad as some of the IMDb reviews made out, but it's also not the sort of movie you'd really want to watch unless you've already seen a few others in the Marvel franchise.

Noting in passing that the ugly old chunk of Emacs lisp I use to link movies mentioned here to IMDb seems to have stopped working, so I had to go and look up the link above manually and reformat it into the appropriate HTML myself like an animal.

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