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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

June 25
Deadpool is quite possibly the best movie I've ever seen (it's entirely possible that this is because I'm pretty much the target audience). The pop-culture and movie references, the wisecracks, the music, the self-referential gags, the self-referential self-referential gags... it's just one smash hit after another. Strongly recommend, but that may only apply if you're, well, me.

June 19
Log into Health Insurer's website, check their travel insurance offerings. First question: "does your health insurer provide overseas coverage?". JEEZ, GUYS. WHO MIGHT KNOW THAT?

(off to read my policy to find out)

And then the mandatory button requiring me to select a gender wasn't working, so I figured someone else could have my business.

(...which turned out to be significantly cheaper, too)

More: "$COMPANY is here when you need us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions." This is after telling me multiple times that since I didn't sign up for their €10 after-sales service package, I would have to fork over cash if I wanted to contact them.

June 17
A cute hack, or how I discovered that a site was using python-compatible hashing:

June 10
Die Hard was on the box, so we watched that.

June 4
Went to Bloom in the Phoenix Park; same problem as I had last year - there's not a clear demarcation between "food you can eat right now because you are hungry" and "food to buy and bring home", leading to an amount of confused wandering followed by opting for the same thing we had last year (pulled pork, admittedly very, very nice).

Becoming Jane was a good enough movie, but I didn't much like that they basically attributed the opening line of Pride and Prejudice to one of her male friends. If you're going to make a movie about an independently-minded successful woman, why undermine it in this way? Anyway, that aside, it's a bit of fun, and we did enjoy it.

June 1
Apparently I've watched over a thousand movies since I started this diary (August 2000), although it looks like I didn't seriously start taking notes until late 2002ish.

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