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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

October 30
Mildly annoying: server got disconnected from ethernet at some point, and I'm not clear how.

October 29
Been away for a few days. Currently fighting my body's belief that it's 6:30am (hint: it's not).

I seem to have developed an odd and annoying muscle-memory habit of quitting emacs when I merely intended to kill the current buffer. I have a vague idea I can attribute this to a week of working remotely on stuff that I needed to edit hastily. I used do this sort of thing in vi, but it's rather irritating to discover it's now latched into my (metaphorical) write-file-hooks.

October 12
I liked the idea behind Chronicle, but I'm not really a fan of the home video style of film making, so that kind of dimished this movie for me. If you're ok with that sort of thing, though, this is a pretty good watch.

October 7
Morning crankiness: why am I in receipt of physical phone books, and more to the point, why can't I opt out of receiving them?

Hmm. I missed this: Workgroup Manager. This may be the user management tool I was looking for during previous crankiness.

Looking at setting up SPF records for myself also due to recent mishaps.

October 6
Watched about half an hour of The Rocker before it degraded from "mildly amusing" to "unwatchable dreck", after which we switched to Farewell, My Lovely which proved to be a much better choice. Nicely done, and from recollection a pretty straightforward lift from the Chandler story.

October 4
Right, server access restored.

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