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Hacker's Diary

A rough account of what I did with Emacs recently.

July 27
Happy birthday, Selene!

On average I'd say the server upgrade for Mountain Lion has been about as clunky as the previous iteration, which is annoying. It appears that this time it "converts" your Server at least partially back to a regular install; on adding the Server package, it attempted to reconfigure my email and died with an inscrutable error message. Looking at the server control panel also suggests a worrying amount of stuff has either been hidden or removed (at least I have a backup to restore from). It also reissued my Push Notification certs, which didn't need reissuing by my count.

More specifics:

July 21
The Pianist is a pretty grim tale of a Warsaw Jew during World War II, and the main thing I didn't like about it was that the protagonist was presented as such an overwhelmingly passive character. Reading the Wikipedia summary of the memoir on which the story is based, it seems that this facet might be more attributable to the director weaving his own Holocaust story into the plot than it is to the original. That aside, this is a pretty frank look at how the Jews were treated in Poland, and it doesn't make for easy watching.

July 13
Happy birthday Síofra!

I found La Vie En Rose difficult to follow, because it kept jumping back and forth around the timeline of Piaf's life and I lost track of who was who and what exactly was going on at multiple points. One reviewer described the film's structure as reflecting the fleeting memories of a dying woman, which I guess I can see, but I'd have appreciated a little more narrative structure than was presented here. So, can't say I'd recommend this one, really.

July 11
Exit Through The Gift Shop is a great piece of work, and whatever "controversy" there is about whether it's real or just an extended prank, I really don't care. Definitely one to see.

Happy birthday, Aoibheann!

July 10
Pffft. Apparently Perl 5.17 does something weird that makes my currently valid code choke. Not something I'm likely to do anything about in the near future since I don't think 5.17 is an official release just yet.

July 9
BoI's new app is being advertised on the online banking login page, which broke my getting-less-fragile Perl... I also had a fix for OpenBSD builds to upload, albeit untested since I don't have any OpenBSD to play with, but hopefully it all works just fine. Finance::Bank::IE on a CPAN server near you.

July 4
Officially changed hats from Systems Engineer to Software Development Engineer today. Hurrah!

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