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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Second Edition: Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, Julie Sussman
Waterford: History and Society - Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County (The Irish County History & Society Series) (9780906602201): William Nolan, Thomas P. Power
The November Man (2014)
The November Man (2014)


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Being The Geekly Diary of Waider
(may contain traces of drinking, movies, and sport)
May 18
Today's fun: getting a temporary crown fitted.

May 16
Back from a week in Milan - work, rather than play, although a bit of the latter was indulged in.

DSPsrv.com: new disks have arrived at my office (which as noted above I've not been in this week) and hopefully the server should be back online in the next week. But no guarantees.

The November Man comes across a bit as hanging on the coattails of RED, and a bit of "Pierce Brosnan misses being Bond", and a few other bits and pieces. It's fairly by-the-numbers; you won't be surprised at any of the supposed twists, but it's a decent enough bubblegum movie. Kinda like the visual equivalent of an airport novel.

May 10
Once again, the awesome Irish Water, shooting both feet so you don't have to:
  • Can't recall if I'd registered for online access, so visit website and do the "I forgot my username" dance.
  • Discover I've actually saved a password for the site. Yay!
  • Password doesn't actually work (really, guys, did you delete all details when you scrubbed the PPSN stuff?)
  • Click on "forgot my password"
  • Get directed to a page to enter a new password. Nothing I enter makes the page go away; on the other hand, I'm not actually getting any errors either. Eventually figure that maybe I've actually managed to change my password, so try logging in again.
  • No dice. Back to "I forgot my password"
  • Page times out with a 500 error, or for the non-tech among you, "something broke on our end and we're not sure what"
  • Try again. Works this time.
  • Get email, follow link, enter new password, same crap again - page doesn't display an error but doesn't go away - figure I'll see if it's updated my password? No.
Like I said before, this is the sort of stupidity that just feeds the "ain't gonna pay" trolls, and really, it's not like this sort of thing is exactly rocket science and without precedent.

OH GAWD. I just looked at the insert in the bill they sent. "We are bringing [the above IBAN] to your attention because there is an extra digit in the IBAN number provided on page 18 of the enclosed information booklet." IS ANYONE IN CHARGE OVER THERE?

(p.s. the 'N' in 'IBAN' means 'number'. Just like in 'PIN', but I guess that ship has sailed.)

May 08
DSPsrv.com latest: technical PoC established, hard drives en route, but for various reasons nothing more will be happening for at least a week. Look for further updates around the 18th. As before, if you seriously need something from the backups, let me know.

Aside from the historical distortions, The Imitation Game is a pretty good movie. Best to think of it as a story, some bits of which might be true, and some of whose characters are similiar to some people who actually lived; although you may still find yourself saying, "eh, the ‘eccentric == Asperger's’ bit is kinda overdone, is it not?"

May 07
Cute. Copying a file to an Apple fileshare, the file's initial date is shown as January 24, 1984. As in, the date of Mac's first appearance.

May 02
! perl (5.18.2) is installed, but we need version >= 5.8


DSPsrv.com latest: hard drives in transit. Still pending response from tech contact.

Margin Call is a surprisingly entertaining movie about the start of the financial crash in 2007. Instead of being technical or a documentary, it's a character driven piece illustrating the various ways in which the traders are disconnected from the real world, and their complete ruthlessness when faced with the collapse of their environment. The company in the story is never named, but its modus operandi in the face of imminent collapse is strongly reminiscent of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs. The all-star cast includes Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Demi Moore, Paul Bethany, and a bunch of other faces you may recognise. This is a really, really good movie.

April 30
DSPsrv update: replacement hard drives on order, but haven't yet heard back from the technical contact who'll be doing any replacing.

Spent some time tooling around with Elastic Beanstalk, but didn't manage to quite get the database connecty bits sorted out before I decided to close it down again.

Discovered that a multigrain-related incident at the weekend didn't just damage a filling, it's damaged a tooth, and I'm gonna need a crown. Woo woo. As noted to Mrs. Waider, this will cost approximately 1 iPhone before insurance deductions. (iPhone 6, 64GB, non-contract version).

April 29
Looks like the DSPsrv.com server has finally given up on the failing hard drive(s). Contact me at GMail if you need access to the backups I've been making; the most recent full one is about a week old (due to the difficulty in backing up a multi-GB failing system over a less-than-stellar network). My own email should be switching to another server in the next couple of days but until then waider.ie inbound email is effectively down.

update: actually it looks like waider.ie email is already pointing at the new server. Shame that my junkmail filter isn't as aggressive on the new box as I'd like.

April 26
The awesome thing about shared-folder tools like DropBox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, etc. is that you can nuke a ton of files across multiple machines simultaneously.


At least there's a rollback option on my particular choice of tool.

April 20
I've been hacking away at a backup script for a remote host for a while; it's nominally based on TimeMachine, using a similar directory structure and disk-saving strategy (hardlink files instead of copying them if they haven't changed). It's now at the point where it automatically detects that a previous backup failed and attempts to resume it instead of creating a fresh backup. I think maybe with a bit more work (and more to the point, removal of host-specific things) it might be fit for throwing in the workshop.