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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Second Edition: Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, Julie Sussman
Waterford: History and Society - Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County (The Irish County History & Society Series) (9780906602201): William Nolan, Thomas P. Power
Now You See Me (2013/I)
Now You See Me (2013/I)


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Being The Geekly Diary of Waider
(may contain traces of drinking, movies, and sport)
July 01
Installed all the shiny new from Apple (well, plus mDNSResponder, which is sort of the shiny new old). Tried out Apple Music. First thing I clicked on crashed the app, second thing I clicked on (after restarting) gave me an error indicating that it couldn't do whatever I was asking. QUALITY.

The Server upgrade, at least, appears to have worked more smoothly; my webapps, such as they are, are still alive, which is the thing that usually gets destroyed.

June 28
Our cat now has email.

Actually, she's had email for a while (some loyalty card stuff is registered with her address) but that email was routed to my own. For completely spurious reasons it's now a separate mailbox.

I'm assuming she already has her own FaceBook page and what not. I don't ask her.

June 27
Obvious things I did not figure out (i.e. did not read about) recently:
  • FitBit has sufficient workout tracking for amateur use (timing, GPS, music if you need it, audio prompts) and if you've got one of the HR-supporting models it's probably good enough for pro-am use as well.
  • Git cannot edit past commit messages as each commit builds on the integrity of the previous one - thus modifying the commit message has the same effect as otherwise corrupting the commit. I'm not sure I wholly agree with this, and I'd certainly prefer it to be an option, but anyway. Everyone you ask about this says, "git commit --amend" which only works at the head of the git branch you're on (beacuse it's got no descendants). Of course, there's nothing stopping you making a branch at the point you want to "fix" the commit message for, and beating the tree into your own liking that way, and maybe some --force to hide the evidence.
  • If you put Mosh on an EC2 instance, don't forget it wants to use a range of UDP ports, so you'll need to open up that range.
  • Django URLconfs don't work anything like I thought when you include them.

June 26
Now You See Me was coming along nicely until the final reveal. Which was RUBBISH. Don't bother with this movie, because when you get to the reveal, you'll want to smash your TV.

Anyone got a recommendation for a new 55" plasma screen?

June 25
Back from a week in Reykjavik and surrounds (last visit almost 9 years ago!). Managed to get a bit sunburned.

June 22
Taking advantage of some downtime to finish converting my RSS toy to a Django app; I spent a good chunk of time trying to debug a problem that turned out to be "Django's screwing up converting your QuerySet into SQL", which was (a) frustrating and (b) a thing I should have figured out faster, having previously encountered it with Ruby/ActiveRecord, Java/Hibernate, etc. etc. etc.

June 17
Woo, I bought a fitbit. This is after a year plus of beta-testing one by having my brother wear it...

June 10
Still waiting on the DSPsrv.com box to show up on my doorstep (actually office doorstep). Surprised I haven't had more queries about its absence, or requests for backed-up data. Maybe I'll just not bother setting it back up...

June 03
Got my bionic tooth fitted today.

DSPsrv.com update: so when the server initially started complaining, it was because one disk in a 4-disk RAID5 array was in an unhappy state. When the server fell off line two or three weeks back, that was because a second disk had failed. RAID5 - 2 disks = catastrophic data loss. As previously noted, I have a full backup up to about a week before the server went permanently down, and possibly have some additional data from a few days beforehand, but realistically speaking there's a week of lost data. Additionally, rebuilding the server in-place was going to be non-trivial for handwavy reasons, so the server will be delivered Chez Waider for a rebuild, which means it's probably going to be down for at least another week. On the positive side, it will return to service as soon as I can manage it.

"You can only save your backups on a network location on Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 7 Enterprise.". Well screw you very much, Microsoft.

May 30
Philomena was pretty much everything I expected from the movie - not in the specifics, but in the broad strokes. There's a light touch on a serious topic throughout, and while a few liberties were taken with the story for dramatic intent, the core of it remains factual. The book on which the movie is based seems, from the reviews, to be something to steer clear of, mind you. Anyway. Dame Dench as an Irish mammy? Sure why wouldn't you watch this?